Relaxation or competition, which do you choose?

Relaxation or competition, which do you choose?

We're excited to have three great minds from different industries discussing "Relaxation or Competition, Which Do You Choose?" This profound theme.


Mr. Guan pointed out with his insights that "lying down" and "rolling up" are not completely opposite to each other, but are two attitudes to life that need to be viewed dialectically. He encouraged everyone to make flexible adjustments according to their own situation, so that they can enjoy the tranquility of life without losing the passion of struggle.

Mr. Shi, on the other hand, emphasized the complementarity and collaboration between new and old employees from the perspective of the workplace. He believes that both fresh vigor and loyalty to the company are important criteria to measure the value of an employee. In this fast-changing era, we need to keep learning while maintaining our loyalty and enthusiasm to the company.

Mr. Zhang, on the other hand, provided us with methodological guidance. He emphasized that the most effective way to work hard is to enhance one's professional competence rather than blindly investing time and physical strength. With profound insight, he reminded us not to cover up laziness in our thoughts with diligence in action.

As the meeting proceeded, Maxtor partners were enthusiastic and actively participated in the interaction, and the three big names answered the questions raised accordingly and provided many experiences and suggestions. We witnessed the collision of ideas among our partners, who enthusiastically shared their insights. This atmosphere deepened our understanding of the topic and enhanced the communication between the team, injecting new energy and creativity into the team.


Last but not least, thank you very much to the three big names for sharing their insights with us. We also wish everyone in this fast-paced era to find the right pace for themselves, become the best version of themselves, and realize our ultimate goal.

May we all face life with a positive mindset and find our own happiness and success whether we choose to "relax" or "compete"!

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