Quality Control

Inspection Process:

Inspection Equipment:

ET-UT Integrated Equipment

Hydraulic Tester

Three Desktop Spectrometers

Tensile Tester

High Temperature Tensile Test

C.S. Analyser

Low Temperature Impact

Metallographic Analysis

Hardness Test

Corrosion Tests

QC Team:

2 ET Inspectors.

2 UT Inspectors.

1 PT Inspectors.

1 MT Inspectors.

1 heat treating staff.

1 physicochemical analyst.

1 micro structure analyst


● No mixing package of different materials

● Each size of products will be packed by woven bag separately, and mark package with specifications and quantity.

● Waterproof film inside the wooden box to prevent goods from moisture.

● Lanyard outside the Plywood box makes it convenience for customers to pick goods.


After-sales Service

● The quality specifications of the goods comply with the provisions of this contract and the quality guarantee. The quality guarantee period is 24 months after the goods arrive at the destination port. During the guarantee period, the seller shall be responsible for compensation for the damage to the goods caused by the manufacturer’s defects in the manufacturing process.

● The buyer submits a claim (including exchange) to the seller on the basis of the inspection certificate issued by the inspection agency entrusted by the buyer, and the seller shall bear all the expenses caused thereby. If the seller fails to reply within 30 days after receiving the above claim, it is deemed that the seller has accepted the buyer's claim.

● Once the goods have quality problems, we will issue an 8D report to find out the cause of the quality problem and make corrections to avoid the same problem from happening again.

● Conduct customer return visits and product quality satisfaction surveys within 30 days after the goods arrive at the port of destination

● Customer satisfaction is as high as 95%


As a professional nickel alloy manufacturer with a 20+ year production history, Mtsco have obtained the PED and ISO9001 certificate for nickel alloy issued by TUVNORDCF. Mtsco has served numerous domestic and overseas energy projects, aerospace projects, military projects with strict quality and complex technology requirements.