Australia Trip - Full of Confidence and Pride

Always on the road, the MTSCO team came to Australia and New Zealand in November for a month-long visiting program. Monica and Erin came to this long-lost land to get a deeper understanding of the market situation in the piping systems and wire industry. We visited the Indo Pacific 2023 held locally in Sydney. Although the main companies at this exhibition are involved in the military defense industry, there is a demand for heat exchanger tubes. We had a learning mindset to understand the needs of such companies for piping systems and to help them solve their sourcing challenges.

The most important purpose of this trip was to visit our old and new friends. We visited dozens of companies in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and New Zealand. They are involved in heat exchanger, geothermal, wire and other industries. Although our team is very young and some of our first time customers questioned us, but after they listened to our understanding of the products and the industry, they were completely disabused of their doubts.

Being young is the capital of MTSCO, and being energetic is the mark of MTSCO team. We are a group of young people who are willing to plumb the depths of a large industry and focus on our products. And when we see the long-term cooperative customers, their advertisements are all over the airport, we are filled with pride inside, so we have been involved in the local construction in such a way.

During the visit, we saw how customers use Mtsco products and how they welcome Mtsco team. The visit journey is actually a process for MTSCO to get closer to the world, and we are also getting to know ourselves better, and see the perfection and imperfection of MTSCO. Once again, we would like to thank all the people who have helped us during the trip to Australia, our sincere heart has made us cross thousands of miles, and we are looking forward to meeting again in the future!

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