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Who We Are

MTSCO is a factory complex consisting of multiple factories. These factories are built or invested by MT Holding Group. The products are provided by MTSCO. We are committed to serving clients, creating value, and contributing to global industry development.

Jiaxing MT Stainless Steel Co.,Ltd (MTSCO) is engaged in R & D and smelting of superalloy and corrosion-resistant alloy products, which suitable for use in harsh environments such as strong acid, strong corrosion, high temperature and high pressure. Such as Alloy 625/ 600/ 800/ 825/ 276/ 400 ,etc. The product covers pipes, plates, strips, rods, wires, fittings, flanges, etc.The factory covers an area of more than 33,500 square meters. It has imported vacuum induction furnaces, electroslagremelting furnaces, air hammers, and cold rolling and cold drawing machines.Also environmentally advanced bright annealing furnace.

The annual output of high-nickel alloy seamless pipes can reach up to 3,000 tons. The products are exported to home and abroad more than 25 countries and regions such as Europe, South Korea, Russia, Middle East, etc. The aim of Mtsco is to keep improving the quality requirements, Mtsco has a series of inspection equipment from micro inspection to macro inspection, such as a spectrum analyzer, carbon-sulfur analyzer, universal testing machine, full sets of NDT equipment. Digital and networked control systems are used to manage production so that all links in the product can be traced from beginning to end.
ET-UT Integrated Equipment
Hydraulic Test

Why you choose us?

Factory Complex

Provide you with cost-effective products and profession-al services, make us No.1 in the market.

One Stop Procurement of Austenitic Steel/ Nickel Alloy Pipeline Products

Leave the complexity to Mtsco and the simplicity to you.

After Years' Development

Whether the products, services, capital and strength, Mtsco is your best and most secure partner.

Our Products

What materials can we provide?


Alloy B/N10001, Alloy B2/N10665, Alloy B3/N10675, Alloy C4/N06455, Alloy C22/N06022, Alloy C276/N10276, Alloy C2000/N06200, Alloy G35/N06035, Alloy G30/N06030, Alloy S/N06635, Alloy N/N10003, Alloy X/N06002, Alloy 188/R30188, Alloy 230/N06230, Alloy 556/R30556


Alloy 600/N06600, Alloy 601/N06601, Alloy 617/N06617, Alloy 625/N06625, Alloy 718/N07718, Alloy X750/N07750, Alloy 800/N08800, Alloy 800H/N08810, Alloy 800HT/N08811, Alloy 825/N08825, Alloy 925/N09925, Alloy 926/N08926


Alloy 400/N04400, Alloy K500/N05500


N4/UNS N02201, N6/UNS N02200


Precipitation-hardening Steels: 254SMO/S31254, 17-4PH, 17-7PH, 15-7PH Stainless Steel / Duplex Steel

How can we service our customers?

With rich experience in export metal products, MTSCO is more than a manufacturer. We are a partner you can trust for our safety and reliability.

QC team

Quality: All our cooperative manufacturers have quality system certificates (ISO) to ensure the quality of products. There are also testing equipment for Ultrasonic, Eddy current, Hydro, PT, X-ray, Tensile Test.......

QC team

QC team: We provide quality inspectors for each strate-gic cooperation supplier to ensure the quality of each order.

One-stop service of pipeline system

One-stop Service of Pipeline System: We can supply eight categories of main products, covering Nickel Alloy seamless / welded pipe & tube, Fittings, Flanges, Sheet, Bar and also Coiled tubing.

Corporation Culture:

Mission: Committed to global industrial innovation with more stable high-quality products and more efficient professional services.

Vision: Building up one-stop nickel alloy comprehensive group of manufacture and trade, making industrial construction better.

Value:Evolution,Simplicity and Transparency,Embrace ChangeSincerity and Integrity

Management Principle: Clients First, Employees Second, Shareholders Third.

Work Principle: Today's best performance is tomorrow's baseline

Team Principle: Appreciation, support and win win.

Promotion Principle: Achievements make promotion.



As a professional nickel alloy manufacturer with a 19-year production history, Mtsco have obtained the PED and ISO9001 certificate of a nickel alloy seamless pipe manufacturer issued by TUVNORDCF, and also obtained China's special equipment manufacturing license, and is also a qualified supplier of PetroChina, Sinopec, and China Aerospace Industry. Mtsco has served numerous domestic and overseas energy projects, aerospace projects, military projects with strict quality and complex technology requirements.