The Features of Shot Peening Rust Removal and Shot Peening Equipment


What is shot peening in surface treatment?

Shot blasting is divided into shot peening and sand blasting. The surface treatment with shot peening has great striking force and obvious cleaning effect. However, the treatment of thin plate workpiece by shot peening is easy to deform the workpiece, and the steel shot strikes the workpiece surface (whether shot blasting or shot peening) to deform the metal substrate. Among the existing workpiece surface treatment methods, the best cleaning effect is sand blasting


Shot peening is divided into general shot peening and stress shot peening. During general treatment, when the steel plate is in a free state, the inside of the steel plate is hit with high-speed steel shot to produce preloading stress on its surface. To reduce the tensile stress on the steel plate surface and increase the service life. Stress shot peening is the pre bending of the steel plate under a certain force, and then shot peening.

There are two main types of shot peening equipment:
1、Mechanical centrifugal shot peening machine is suitable for parts requiring high shot peening strength, few varieties, large batch, simple shape and large size.
2、 Pneumatic shot peening machine (compressed air type) is suitable for parts requiring moderate shot peening strength, complex shape and small size.
Next week, we’ll learn about the characteristics of different projectile types.

Post time:Dec-10-2021
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