Recently, MT stainless steel held the 2022 year-end meeting. In 2022, under the severe epidemic situation and trade environment, Mtsco will still open a new world in the international market with stable product quality and professional services.

In 2022, the sales of Mtsco increased by 70% compared with that of last year, and its subsidiaries SMLSCO and Yongheng Flange also made new breakthroughs. As a newly established company, they have become an industry leader. In a difficult environment, Mtsco has been working towards its own sea of steel stars.


This year, we participated in the Tube Dusseldorf and ACHEMA2022, held PK competitions, domestic tourism group construction, overseas visits to customers, exchange and study, and so on. Both the people who have always maintained passion and the new blood who have joined the company have gained growth in the struggle.


This year also saw the emergence of many excellent Mtsco people. The promotion award has faith in their hearts and dreams ahead. In a late-night communication with customers, they gained fruits and realized promotion; The outstanding contribution award, seeking innovation and sharing enthusiastically, is that they have brought infinite possibilities to Mtsco; They won the invincible prize. They have created outstanding achievements in the market fight and performed miracles for us. There are many climbers, real strengths, guinness awards, columbus awards and so on. Through one year’s efforts, let everyone see you shining.


The next year will be a new round of challenges. We will focus on improving the cost performance of our products and going face-to-face with customers. In the future, you will see us at the Egypt Oil Exhibition, the OTC Exhibition and the ADPEC Exhibition. Looking forward to the wonderful performance of Mtsco in the coming year!


Post time:Jan-18-2023
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