Alloy C276 Nickel Alloy Smls Pipe With Shot Peening Surface ASTM Standard For Oil Service

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Through more than ten years of research and development, the production of MTSCO Alloy technology and efficiency of various materials have been greatly improved. The enterprise has passed the national quality management system certification of weapons and equipment, obtained more than 24 authorized patents, participated in the revision of 9 national standards and 3 industry standards.

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Material Grade: UNS N10276, UNS N10001, UNS N10665, UNS N10675, UNS N06022, N08800, N08825, N04400; etc

Outer Diameter: 4.5mm-355.6mm

Wall Thickness: 1.65mm-20mm

Length: Normally fixed length 6m, can as per customer’s requirement

Standard: ASTM B169; ASTM B167; ASTM B444; ASTM B622 etc

Alloy C276 Chemical composition:


Features; Alloy C-276 has excellent resistance to localized corrosion, stress corrosion cracking, and to both oxidizing and reducing media, thus making it suitable for a wide variety of chemical process environments, including ferric and cupric chlorides, hot contaminated media (organic and inorganic), formic and acetic acids, seawater and brine solutions. It is one of the few materials that withstands the corrosive effects of wet chlorine gas, hypochlorite and chlorine dioxide.

Applications:  Chemical processing, waste treatment, pollution control, pulp and paper production, and marine engineering.

nickel alloy pipe tube (20)

Nickel Alloy Tube Test;

1 . NTD(Ultrasonic test, Eddy Current test)
2 . Mechanical Test(Tension Test, Flaring Test, Flattening Test, Hardness Test, Hydraulic test)
3 . Metal Test(Metallographic Analysis, Impact Test-High/low temperature)
4 . Chemical Analysis(Photoelectric Emission Spectroscopic)

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